Support Analysis: Delays to the block network when making cryptocurrency deposits

Case:  A user depositing crypto funds in their account contacts us saying, ‘I deposited BTC, could you please credit my account’ after seeing that no transfer of crypto money had yet taken place. Process: The user was trying to deposit coins in their account. Seeing that no transfer of funds had taken place, he contact us saying, “I deposited some coins, could you please credit my account’5

Support Analysis: Confirmation code not received due to incorrect email address

Case: A user wanting to withdraw cryptocurrency from their account cannot get his/her approval code due to having entered the wrong e-mail address during signup. Process: The user logged into their account via the mobile app / website to withdraw cryptocurrency. The user realized that they got no confirmation code sent to their email address after asking for a release of funds and they contacted5

Support Analysis: “An error has occurred” warning while accessing Paribu

Case: User encounters the warning “An error has occurred” while accessing Paribu through the website or mobile application. Process: The user communicated to our Support Unit that he could not access Paribu as usual without problems, encountering the warning “An error has occurred”. Our Support Unit communicated to the user that there were no problems with access to Paribu5

Support Analysis: 48-hour restriction applied for real person validation Category: Support Analysis

Case: Making a cryptocurrency withdrawal request within 48 hours after the first TRY deposit to the Paribu account. Process: The user wanted to withdraw cryptocurrency following their first TRY deposit; however, they see the warning that a certain time needs to pass to execute this transaction. The user communicated to our Support Unit via the “Request Support” option on the website5

Support Analysis: Deposits made without tag/memo code entered

Case: Cryptocurrency deposit made without entering any tag/memo code Process: The user stated that they have made an XRP deposit from another stock market to his Paribu account; however, the transfer did not arrive in his account. Our support team requested the TX code of the relevant transfer and investigated the issue. Following the investigation, it was established that the user made the5

Support Analysis: Incorrect TL deposit

Case: Incorrect TL deposit to Paribu account. Procedure: A user contacted our Support Unit and stated that s/he tried to deposit TL funds to his/her Paribu account, but the transfer to the relevant account was not successful. To address this issue, our Support Unit examined the transfer receipt. It was found out that the user had not entered the recipient name, which should have been “Paribu5

Support Analysis: Incorrect cryptocurrency fund transfer through a network unavailable on Paribu

Case: Incorrect cryptocurrency fund transfer through a network named BEP2, which is unavailable on Paribu. Procedure: A user contacted our technical team and stated that s/he deposited ETH deposit to his/her Paribu account through BEP2 network; however, the balance was not reflected on his/her Paribu account. Following this notification, our technical team examined the issue. The technical team5

Support Analysis: Commission fee applicable to partial orders

A selling order may be carried out as a single transaction or in the form of several transactions; however, this does not change the applicable commission fee. Case: Commission fee applicable to orders fulfilled in parts. Procedure: The user reported that s/he set a selling order and that a portion of the selling order was fulfilled. S/he also reported that the commission fee collected had5