Support Analysis: Confirmation code not received due to incorrect email address


A user wanting to withdraw cryptocurrency from their account cannot get his/her approval code due to having entered the wrong e-mail address during signup.


The user logged into their account via the mobile app / website to withdraw cryptocurrency. The user realized that they got no confirmation code sent to their email address after asking for a release of funds and they contacted the Support Center.

Looking into the case, the Support Center realized the user misspelt their email address during signup, which was why no confirmation email could be sent.


The Support Center sent the user an email explaining the steps for updating their e-mail address. The user’s email address was updated following the receipt of documents requested from the user as part of the security/ID verification process. The user withdrew funds successfully after an update of the email address.

Things to consider 

  • Users must always check they have typed in the correct information during signup.

A spell check is always recommended after entering data.

  • If you find out you have given us incorrect information, contact our Support Center, who will ask you to provide documents for ID check, for a correction.

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