We aimed to overcome an obstacle in the cryptocurrency ecosystem with the “First Step” offer

We have concluded The most comprehensive cryptocurrency research of Turkey with Akademetre in July and made it public. The statistical results demonstrated that a significant population in Turkey has not yet taken a step into the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The most important obstacle here was the idea that making transactions in cryptocurrency were “hard”. We launched our “First5

All you need to know about the content of user agreements on digital assets trading platforms | Mehmet Türkarslan, Attorney

Our corporate policy requires us to protect our users’ rights and interests, integrate into the developing technology legislation rapidly and update our user agreements accordingly. Attorney Mehmet Türkarslan Paribu Legal Advisor  It should be remembered that once you sign up for a digital assets trading platform, you start a relationship based on a consumer contract in its5

Are blockchain browsers functional? | Akar Aydemir

Although blockchain browsers ensure transparency, they are not sufficient for the management of an investment process. Akar Aydemir Paribu Business Development Manager Blockchain and cryptocurrencies provide both privacy and transparency, and this is one of  the most significant advantages of this technology. So how is it possible to ensure privacy and transparency at the same time5

3 taxation options for cryptocurrencies | Ayhan Tüfek

Whether profits gained from cryptocurrencies should be taxed is one of the most frequently asked questions about the ecosystem in Turkey. Ayhan Tüfek Independent Accountant/Financial Advisor So far, the government has not made any decisions about the taxation of the profits gained from cryptocurrencies. Taxation is currently applicable only to cryptocurrency miners, brokerage firms5

What are the points to consider when visiting websites that evaluate digital asset trading platforms? | Akar Aydemir – Kyra Mengeş

It is extremely important to verify the accuracy of the data on the websites that evaluate digital assets trading platforms and to manage your investment only by referring to reliable websites. Akar Aydemir / Paribu Business Development Manager Kyra Mengeş / Paribu Digital Communications Specialist It is important to examine the basic and technical features of cryptocurrencies, it5

Blockchain and digital assets risk management | Bikem Kanık

There is a famous motto in the business world, “You can manage what you can measure”; however, remember that you can measure only those that you can understand. Bikem Kanık Paribu Advisory Board Member All sectors and all businesses have only four different options to handle risks. Above all, you should detect and measure the risks your enterprise is to face. First, if the5

Is the number of Bitcoins in circulation real? | S. Hakan Özel

According to the official data, more than 18 million Bitcoins  have been released so far; however, blockchain intelligence platforms and investigation reports point out another reality. Hakan Özel Cryptocurrencies and Security Specialist Because of its software, the total number of Bitcoins (BTC) cannot exceed 21 million. It is estimated that all Bitcoins will have been5