Sponsorship Request

We carry on our work to be a trustworthy and pioneer part of the transition in a world changing so fast; we shape our projects to have collective productivity and sustainable success. As a tech company, we provide our customers with what is easy and credible under all circumstances; furthermore, we carry on by supporting projects that touch upon different parts of life. By giving sponsorship support, we stand by the projects and initiatives that comply with the evaluation criteria we set beforehand.

Why do we support?

Building the future today requires not only technology but also embracing culture, arts, sports, education, and the environment. With this objective in mind, we firmly believe that it is our mandate to add value and deliver benefits to society. We do not wait for the future to arrive; we choose to be among those who build it.

How do we evaluate?

As per our brand objectives, we assess and evaluate the sponsorship requests from all events, institutions, and initiatives, which;
  • Aim to be beneficial to humanity and our planet Earth
  • Have a sustainable and inclusive stance
  • Are active in arts and culture
  • Embrace team or individual sports that will deliver benefits to society and youth once they are recognized more
  • Introduce projects based on innovation that will make a difference in various categories such as blockchain, gaming, Metaverse, NFT, and Web 3.0

How can I apply?

Please fill out the sponsorship form given below so we can evaluate your requests.

Sponsorship Form