Support Analysis: Deposits made without tag/memo code entered


Cryptocurrency deposit made without entering any tag/memo code


The user stated that they have made an XRP deposit from another stock market to his Paribu account; however, the transfer did not arrive in his account. Our support team requested the TX code of the relevant transfer and investigated the issue. Following the investigation, it was established that the user made the transaction without entering the tag code.


Our support team requested certain documents from the user and conducted further checks related to the XRP transfer without tag code. The client error is eliminated and the relevant balance transferred to the user’s Paribu account thanks to their efforts.

What to pay attention to? 

It is not always possible to control and track faulty transactions made without entering tag/memo code.

  • In order to avoid any asset loss, it is of utmost importance to enter the requested information in full and to double check the beneficiary information before executing the transfer.
  • In that regard, warnings on the cryptocurrency deposit screen, and articles in Help Center should be taken into consideration.

For detailed information on the issue, you can read our article with the title “I Want to Deposit XRP to My Paribu Account. What Should I Do?”.

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