Support Analysis: 48-hour restriction applied for real person validation Category: Support Analysis


Making a cryptocurrency withdrawal request within 48 hours after the first TRY deposit to the Paribu account.


The user wanted to withdraw cryptocurrency following their first TRY deposit; however, they see the warning that a certain time needs to pass to execute this transaction. The user communicated to our Support Unit via the “Request Support” option on the website or “Support” section that they do not want to wait this long.

Our Support Unit explained that a 48-hour withdrawal limitation is applied to the user’s account for real person validation as per security procedures. Some documents were requested from the user to lift the relevant limitation. The user sent the documents requested by our Support Unit.


The documents sent by the user were checked by the Support Unit and the limitation was lifted. The withdrawal was executed while maintaining the security of the account.

What to pay attention to?

48-hour limitation is applied to allow for real person validation during this process as per security procedures. The users wanting to lift the said limitation may continue their transactions after sending all documents requested by the Support Unit.

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