Support Analysis: Delays to the block network when making cryptocurrency deposits


A user depositing crypto funds in their account contacts us saying, ‘I deposited BTC, could you please credit my account’ after seeing that no transfer of crypto money had yet taken place.


The user was trying to deposit coins in their account. Seeing that no transfer of funds had taken place, he contact us saying, “I deposited some coins, could you please credit my account’ sharing the TX code. Our Support Center informs the customer that Paribu is not involved in the process of approving deposits of cryptocurrencies. The user was informed that transfer of funds was managed by miners in the block network and account crediting takes place after the second approval.


The BTC transfer, which received the 2nd approval by the miners in the block network, was automatically sent to the user’s account.

Things to consider

  • Paribu is not directly involved in the process of transfer of cryptocurrencies and their transfer to user accounts. It is technically not possible for Paribu to speed up blockchain approval processes.
  • Users can check the status of their transfers over the network using their TX codes.


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