We aimed to overcome an obstacle in the cryptocurrency ecosystem with the “First Step” offer

We have concluded The most comprehensive cryptocurrency research of Turkey with Akademetre in July and made it public. The statistical results demonstrated that a significant population in Turkey has not yet taken a step into the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The most important obstacle here was the idea that making transactions in cryptocurrency were “hard”.

We launched our “First step” offer on November 16 to overcome this hurdle, and our motto was: “Take your first step into the world of Bitcoin with Paribu”. Our goal was to show everyone interested in this area how easy and practical to make cryptocurrency transactions on Paribu through experience.

In so far as this was not an advertorial offer, we did not focus on the first step gift of TRY 10.

  • We wanted the people to try the cryptocurrency transaction experience using a familiar financial tool with a gift from Paribu rather than their own assets.
  • Our goal was to show them that they can purchase the cryptocurrency of their choice both for a petty amount and easily.
  • We wanted to show them that there is no restriction to buy only whole units, that you can buy cryptocurrencies for as low as TRY 10 on Paribu, and make investments with small amounts as well.

Briefly, our aim was to offer a cryptocurrency experience, not an amount of TRY 10.

We noticed in a very short time how functional this offer was for the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

  • Our new users can buy their cryptocurrencies with their first step offer.
  • They can either sell them or save them.
  • They can buy fan tokens with increasing options.
  • They can make a donation for children in need to UNICEF Turkey via Paribu.

Thanks to our offer, more than 100 thousand new users joined and more and more people keep joining the ecosystem. Feedbacks from our new users indicate that we are about to overcome another obstacle regarding the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

As we always say, we shape the world of tomorrow with our current and new users while the hurdles are being overcome one by one.

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