“Fenerbahçe Token whitepaper sets forth a 25-year vision”

Paribu’s CEO Yasin Oral appeared on the Focus program hosted by Güzem Yılmaz Ertem on BloombergHT. Oral answered questions about Fenerbahçe Token live.

Yasin Oral detailed Paribu’s recent agreement with Fenerbahçe, on top of many domestic and foreign fan tokens.

A first in Turkey

In response to Ertem’s question about the details of the said partnership and the pre-sale, Yasin Oral said, “The club earned a total of 436 million dollars in 1 hour from the pre-sale. This is unprecedented in the world in some aspects.”

In addition to the Fenerbahçe Token, Oral also spoke about fantokens and Paribu. Here are some highlights from his statements:

  • “Over 90% of domestic clubs’ transactions and more than 50% of foreign clubs’ transactions take place in Paribu. These are important data. Looking at it, Paribu had 4.5 million users as of yesterday, with a 700 million dollar transaction volume booked in the last 24 hours.”
  • “Under normal circumstances, fan tokens are issued in other partners’ own networks, but this is the first time a club has issued a token in the ERC-20 network and we have been instrumental in issuing it. It is not affiliated with any institution, organization, even club or administration. While creating this token, we envisioned a 25-year period in the whitepaper, setting out the vision of the club. They undertook a mechanism setting them free from any sort of administrative intervention for a period of 25 years.”
  • “We executed the pre-sale process in two stages; with the locked, and the unlocked option. With the locked option, the investor has to wait for 9 months following which they remain unlocked for 15 months. We are talking about 20 million tokens here. On the other hand, there are 500 thousand unlocked tokens, which users can buy and sell when the market opens. From now on, prices at the Fenerbahce Token market will be set autonomously .”
  • The only criterion determining whether a company is a decacorn or unicorn is investment. There is obviously unexploited potential if a business cannot draw investments. I don’t know how to determine whether Paribu is a unicorn or a decarcon, but we are already past that stage.
  • We have so many exciting project in the pipelines which we will be sharing with the public soon.

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