“Blockchain Explained in Questions and Answers” (Sorularla Blockchain) by Turan Sert: What is blockchain and what are the applications?

Turan Sert answers the basic questions about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency units in his book “Blockchain Explained in Questions and Answers”.

Blockchain technology has been discussed and talked about since 2008 when Satoshi Nakamoto published Bitcoin White Paper. While the most popular product of blockchain is cryptocurrencies, this technology is used in various areas. The knowledge on blockchain technology, which is started to be used in various areas and sectors from transport to data storage, from notary and certification procedures to voting, is not yet enough common.

According to the “Cryptocurrency Awareness and Perception Survey” conducted by Akademetre on behalf of Paribu, the rate of the ones who do not know that blockchain technology is used in the production of cryptocurrencies is 96.8.

The most important way to eliminate this lack of information is definitely increasing the number of researches and published works and eventually introducing them to more and more people.

The book “Blockchain Explained in Questions and Answers”, written by Turan Sert and published in 2019, is of great importance in eliminating this lack of information.

What is blockchain?

Turan Sert, the founder of Girişim Factory and exerting efforts to develop a technology ecosystem, shares his knowledge on the blockchain in his blog post on medium.com. He collected the most critical ones in a book since he must have preferred to keep them together. He explains the most frequently asked questions and the vital information in a quite plain language in his book “Blockchain Explained in Questions and Answers”.

Sert starts his introduction with these words in his work which he pays attention to keep a concise language:

“All of us use an intermediary device such as a cell phone or a desktop computer to access the internet. These devices connect to a large network called the web to execute our commands. Similarly, a group of machines all around the world are specifically connected to each other within this network. Blockchain and crypto technology enables all machines connected to this network to talk to each other cryptically.”

The creation and development of blockchain technology, its effect and relationship with the sectors, its reflections on social life, art, and environmental factors are explained in the book. Moreover, the answers to many questions regarding the future of this technology, types of cryptocurrencies, and the things about them that interest people are included in the book.

Areas of use for blockchain technology

In the book, it is also discussed what will the effect of blockchain technology in the areas such as health, production, art, supply chain, education, and travel be now and in the future. For example, it is mentioned that artworks can be sold by being tokenized using blockchain technology, and the individuals who cannot afford the whole piece can buy a part of it as an investment. Similarly, he explains that the entire system may be renewed using blockchain infrastructure to minimize the problems encountered during the purchase of travel and accommodation services. Institutions serving the health sector can flawlessly access the entire health history and information of a patient and the individuals can follow their data easily is mentioned by means of blockchain.

The book also includes answers to the questions of the future miners who do not settle for being only an investor on a fundamental and illuminating level. Various topics from whether white collars can be miners to entrepreneurship and being an investor are dealt with. Detailed information is provided under the titles such as “What is an ICO and token?”, “What are the technical details, which systems are used, and what is the secret to successful examples”.

Blockchain technology and reliability

Sert explains the topic with an example, thinking that eliminating the question marks regarding the reliability of this technology is required:

“Consider this as a continuously spun spider web. After a fly fell into the web, the spider keeps spinning new webs, and it gets harder and harder for the fly to set free. In other words, after a piece of information is saved in a system and validated, all other information building on it is similarly saved and validated. You need to change all the information from that point in the past until today to make a retrospective change, that is to say, it gets harder and harder to make retrospective changes.”

After important information about the rapidly continuing adventure of blockchain, you find information about the products of this technology. Well, what is the most popular of these products? Cryptocurrencies for sure. He further explains Bitcoin, which is considered the father of cryptocurrencies, and other proven cryptocurrencies under different titles. The book ends with the reports issued by Blockchain Turkey Platform (BCTR) working groups.

Published by Blockchain Turkey Platform and Turkish Informatics Foundation, the book is an important source on blockchain technology.

You can access the book “Blockchain Explained in Questions and Answers” by Turan Sert for free via this link.

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