Women find professional and individual development opportunities in blockchain projects

The remarkable results of the “Being Women in the Blockchain Ecosystem” survey, organized with the cooperation of Paribu and Istanbul Blockchain Women and carried out by Akademetre, have been published.

According to the results, the majority of the women working on blockchain projects in Turkey are mostly satisfied to have a career in this industry. Based on the survey results, 48% of the women taking part in the projects stated that they were very satisfied and 44% of them mentioned that they were satisfied.

76% of the participants answered the most important reason for being satisfied about working on blockchain projects as the professional and individual development opportunities that blockchain provides. The rate of the women stating that the same factor is a motivator to work in the industry is 60%.

While the rate of women working in the blockchain ecosystem since it matches their skills is 48%, the rate of women considering this as a stepping stone for entrepreneurship is 24%. These results prove that women consider blockchain as a world where they can make strong moves in their careers.

Remote working and flexible working hours are among the reasons that make the women glad to be working in this ecosystem and that motivate them. While 32% of the participants consider remote working opportunities as one of the advantages of taking part in these projects, the 52% expressed that they are motivated thanks to flexible working hours. However, 8% of the participants think that there are no motivating or supporting factors in this industry.

You can assess the complete results of the survey from this link.


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