Paribu has been awarded the first prize for the UNICEF Turkey donation project

Paribu, Turkey’s leading cryptocurrency transaction platform, was granted the first prize in the category of “The Best Use of MarTech in Corporate Social Responsibility” at MarTech Awards 2021 for “Donation to UNICEF with Cryptocurrency Project”. Paribu achieved a first in Turkey by enabling 1.5 million users to donate cryptocurrency to UNICEF Turkey.

4th MarTech Awards, where the most successful works of marketing technologies that set a good example for the industry are evaluated, took place with a jury consisting of the leaders of the industry. At the award ceremony organized online, Paribu won the Best Use of MarTech in Corporate Social Responsibility award for the project that achieved a first in Turkey by providing the required infrastructure to its 1.5 million users and giving them the opportunity to make a donation to UNICEF Turkey in cryptocurrencies.

Aiming to create a fund for disadvantaged children with cryptocurrency donations, Paribu once again proved its determination in terms of “Quality Education” which is among the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations that Paribu takes as reference. The donations are being used for the needs of children living under poor economic conditions within the scope of the “Inclusive Education” project by UNICEF Turkey.

Since the start of the project on September 25, 2020, 800 children have been provided with school sets with the donated Bitcoin and Ethereum. Referred to as “Vitalizing Gifts” (Hayat Veren Hediyeler), these sets include educational items such as pencils, school bags, and whiteboards. Within the scope of the project, it is aimed that a significant fund for children will be formed with cryptocurrencies, whose users increase day by day.

Stating that providing education to children and meeting their needs are among the fundamental values of Paribu, Yasin Oral, CEO of Paribu said:

“We are greatly pleased to be cooperating with UNICEF, the biggest organization in the world for the needs of children living under difficult conditions, and to be able to contribute. We highly value sustainability and equal opportunity in education and we take our responsibility as an institution. To build the world of tomorrow, we believe that we should not be indifferent to meeting the personal development needs of children, the ones regarding education and health in particular.

Offering its users the advantages of decentralized finance in the new world, where the habits and methods change rapidly, Paribu continues providing cryptocurrency donations to UNICEF Turkey. During the first phase of the cooperation with UNICEF Turkey, Paribu users can make the donation in Bitcoin and Ethereum, the popular cryptocurrency units.

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