DeFi was the theme of the new episode of Kripto Veteran sponsored by Paribu

Turan Sert was hosted by İsmail Hakkı Polat, Cemil Şinasi Türün and Erkan Öz on the new live broadcast of Kripto Veteran published by BTC Haber and sponsored by Paribu.

In the live broadcast where DeFi was discussed, the future and areas of use of DeFi and the difference between decentralized and conventional finance were covered.

In the program, Erkan Öz mentioned that Bitcoin functions as a decentralized, neutral and global central bank whereas DeFi could rather be described as decentralized banks.

İsmail Hakkı Polat briefly clarified the definition of DeFi by saying “In a general sense, DeFi is an ecosystem where the individuals can transfer money or take a loan on an independent environment by protecting their privacy and where the transaction records are kept.”

Adding “In fact, DeFi has been around since 2013-2014, however its infrastructure was established in 2017 with the ability to make user transactions through the money in the pool and reward token distribution”, Turan Sert continued: “It may be right to trust the old projects that achieved this, however we should not forget that the new ones are experimental initiatives.”

During the program, supporting the social media platforms with blockchain technology was also mentioned. Cemil Şinasi Türün emphasized that in online shopping, websites as well as social media platforms can benefit from blockchain technology, and he stated that the feature of using cryptocurrencies should be integrated to the online shopping websites to that end.

Turan Sert expressed that De-Fi proved that the blockchain technology can be utilized in social media platforms. “In the future, we can make transactions via digital wallets that keep our identity and payment details confidential. And while making these transactions, we may be the only one to control data,” continued Sert.

You can watch the last live broadcast of Kripto Veteran below.

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