“What makes Bitcoin valuable is its philosophy and technology”

Yasin Oral, CEO of Paribu, was hosted by Murat Uzel on the program “Ekonomi Bülteni” (Economy Bulletin) on Haber Global has answered the questions about the cryptocurrency world and the rise of Bitcoin.

Pointing out the resemblance of Bitcoin’s rise to the stir in December 2017, Oral added: “Bitcoin is not an asset that gains value due to the increase in its price. It is already a valuable and promising asset with its philosophy and technology. The more this is understood, the higher is the demand, therefore its price.”

Mentioning the great interest in the cryptocurrency in Turkey, Oral said that people find conventional stock markets more worrisome than cryptocurrencies, and he added:

“Paribu has almost 1 million users and its daily trading volume, which was around $40-50 million in August, has reached $200-300 million in the last weeks. We predict these numbers to continue to increase.”

Mentioning the TRY 10 first step gift offer of Paribu to the new users, which will continue until December 31, Oral said: “Thanks to our first step offer, more people can make cryptocurrency investments and get to know this technology.”

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