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The 12th episode of Kripto Veteran sponsored by Paribu was broadcasted live on BTCHaber.

In the program hosted by İsmail Hakkı Polat, Cemil Şinasi Türün, and Erkan Öz, the topics that remained popular for a long time such as cryptocurrency taxes and regulations as well as NFTs were handled in detail.

The state wants to protect the small investor

When İsmail Hakkı Polat asked “What is the state’s perspective on cryptocurrencies?”, Erkan Öz replied by mentioning that the global and domestic stock markets are overloaded in general and most of the stock markets cannot handle the traffic. He stated that the increase in user complaints due to the congestion in question alerted the state. And he continued: “The state wants to protect the small investor and receive tax. Even when I take the most strict statements into account, I do not think that the industry will be closed down. New arrangements such as setting technical standards and the obligation to only employ individuals with a capital markets license (SPK) would strengthen the trust.”

“We have never experienced such a thing in Turkey before”

Erkan Öz associated the fact that the people see cryptocurrency investments as a shortcut to becoming rich with the rise of trading volume at the domestic stock markets and the increasing interest in cryptocurrencies. He mentioned that this is a false approach and on the other hand, he underlined that the platforms should be well-prepared so that they will not experience problems in this regard.

On the peering delays, Türün said: “None of the stock markets in Turkey has experienced such transaction volume before. I know that the number of visitors simultaneously accessing Paribu has even reached 200 thousand. The other platforms probably have similar numbers. Behind the scenes, there is a load of trading transactions. We have not experienced such a thing in Turkey before, in other words, we are not prepared. The people should understand this. The systems in question are more advanced than the ones used by banks and the pieces of software to support these are being recently launched.”

İsmail Hakkı Polat expressed that the stock markets do not directly sell cryptocurrency, and they are responsible for peering buyers and sellers. “When the buyer withdraws or when the buyer and seller cannot meet, user complaint arises. Sometimes this situation stems from the scalability of the system and it must be regulated by the platforms. Sometimes the seller to satisfy the demand of the buyer changes his mind or there can be a problem with the system. This is where infrastructure, device, connection speed, and information factors come into play,” he added.

NFT is a collection market

Dealing with NFTs, which had been widely discussed recently, Polat, Öz, and Türün made important statements on the issue. Polat mentioned the masterpieces sold as NFTs and said that he defined NFT as a collection market.

Türün touched upon the general developments and the exhibition platforms selling NFT. He assessed the situation from the perspective of Turkey and “NFT has activities at a level that we can be the leader,” he added.

You can watch the full episode where the significant recent topics were discussed in detail.

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