The theme of Kripto Veteran +1 has been the “Being the Women in the Blockchain Ecosystem” survey

“International Women’s Day Special” episode of Kripto Veteran, sponsored by Paribu and hosted by Cemil Şinasi Türün, İsmail Hakkı Polat, and Erkan Öz, was broadcasted on BTC Haber. The guest of the episode was Ebru Güven, founder and chairwoman of the executive board of ISTBCW.

In the program, the works of ISTBCW, “Being Women in the Blockchain Ecosystem” survey carried out in cooperation with Paribu, and the regulation plans of the state for cryptocurrency investment were discussed.

When asked about the aim of the survey, Ebru Güven stated that by cooperating with Paribu, they wanted to have a clear inventory of the women’s existence in the ecosystem. She mentioned that they obtained results by interviewing the women working at Fortune 100 and blockchain start-ups. “It is good that 1 out of every 4 people working at blockchain projects is woman, but we would like this number to reach better levels,” she added.

İsmail Hakkı Polat inquired about the results of the survey regarding mobbing, and Güven expressed that all the women in the industry stated that they did not experience any mobbing and that it was due to the difference in the working environment from the conventional corporate structure.

“How would you comment on the fact that the women in the industry are interested in the blockchain but not in the cryptocurrencies?” asked Erkan Öz. Güven answered this question by reminding that more than half of the women in the industry did not make any transaction, and she continued: “Most of the investors have long-term plans, we can say that the number of the traders are lower. Additionally, there are women using cryptocurrencies for transfers and payments. They mentioned that they mostly chose Bitcoin and Ethereum was their second choice.”

In general, Türün, Öz, and Polat expressed that women need be more involved in this ecosystem. Then Güven stated that blockchain has a collective structure and Bitcoin is an uprising. Mentioning the fact that the codes constituting this system are the law itself, and they have a genderless and equal layout, “Blockchain will change us with its structure,” he said.

Ebru Güven replied by addressing the issue of regulation: “For taxation or regulation, we first need a definition. I think that when the cryptocurrencies are defined then the first regulation will be applied in the stock markets; however, this may not mean much of a change in terms of the current system.”

“Considering the speculations, there is even a possibility that long-term investors will not be subjected to tax,” said Erkan Öz.

Türün said: “The state and the highly esteemed scholars work on the regulations. In my opinion, it will be in a good position when it gets clarified and the long-term investor will be protected with the taxation system.” Moreover, while mentioning that the stock markets should operate in compliance with the regulations, he gave Paribu as an example by saying, “Since the very beginning, they progress by auditing themselves.”

Lastly, underlining that the structure of blockchain and cryptocurrencies develops and gets renewed rapidly, Polat mentioned a possibility that they may conflict with conventional finance. “The regulations by the state may prevent this conflict,” he concluded.

You can watch the full episode below.

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