The deadline for the Blockchain Start-up Challenge application is March 5

Paribu, the leading cryptocurrency transaction platform in Turkey, continues contributing to the ecosystem with Paribu Hub that was launched with the aim that Turkey becoming the producer of blockchain technology.

Paribu Hub will offer its first project support to the leading start-ups that compete in the “Blockchain Start-up Challenge”. The application deadline for the “Blockchain Start-up Challenge”, organized with the cooperation of Paribu Hub and Hackquaters and where the start-up projects developing blockchain-based software solutions will compete, is March 5, 2021. The preselection for the start-ups applied to the “Blockchain Start-up Challenge” will be completed on March 9.

The contestants will be evaluated under the categories of “Wallets”, “Digital Asset Management”, and “Blockchain Infrastructure”. Global and domestic start-ups will compete in these categories with their projects in various areas from storing and transferring cryptocurrencies to smart contracts and storing tokens. The three finalists, to be chosen among the start-up projects at the finals on March 17, 2021, will have an opportunity at project development, cooperation, and investment.

Paribu Hub extends education cooperations

Organizing certificate programs through cooperation for the individuals wishing to develop themselves in the blockchainarea, Paribu Hub continues its efforts to create employment for the youth. Another blockchain training program offered by Paribu Hub in cooperation with Kadir Has University Lifelong Learning Academy, “Blockchain Developer Certificate Program” will be held online every Saturday between the dates of March 6 and April 17. 250 people applied to the program supported by Paribu through giving scholarships, where İsmail Hakkı Polat, Tansel Kaya, and Şen Ferhat will provide training.

180 people applied to the “History of Money and Fundamentals of Cryptocurrency” training organized every two weeks with the cooperation of Paribu Hub and Devrim Danyal Academy. Paribu provides the students who would like to develop themselves in the blockchain area with scholarship opportunities for the program where Devrim Danyal thoroughly explains the blockchain technology and the development process as well as the conceptual and technical infrastructure of the cryptocurrencies.

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