“Regulation protects the investor”

At the panel organized within the framework of the “Blockchain Start-up Challenge” held with the cooperation of Paribu and Hackquarters, Yasin Oral, CEO of Paribu, answered the questions of Kripto Veteran by İsmail Hakkı Polat, Erkan Öz and Cemil Şinasi Türün.

Yasin Oral answered the question posed by Erkan Öz on regulation efforts as follows:

“Regulation is to protect the investor. There are many platforms that do not exist in Turkey and that cause loss to the investor. Precautions should be taken as a priority to protect the investor from such threats.” Reminding that Paribu pays taxes for its income, Oral emphasized that regulations are required to prevent the aggrievement of the investor.

Touching on the approach of the platforms regarding the regulation issue and reminding that the number of cryptocurrency transaction platforms are increasing day by day, Oral added:

“The number of platforms that is convenient for cooperation and that can use its own infrastructure is highly limited. I should not be in a position to explain all these to the public on my own, other parties should explain things with the same sensitivity.”

Regarding when the expected regulation will be put into force, “This will proceed completely in direct proportion to the dynamism of the market,” said Oral, and he continued: “We are not talking about a short process, but a long route here. However, we should first set the outlines. It is such a delicate issue that even a very slight misjudgment may lead to irreversible damages. It should be started early and proceed with the right shareholders.”

“Closing the system is out of the question”

Mentioning the deceleration of peering arising from order intensity due to price fluctuations, Oral underlined that the statements about “closing the system” do not reflect the reality. Yasin Oral continued as follows:

“There is congestion and the systems may exceed their capacity due to that congestion. These are not the capacities we anticipated. There is such a big difference between developing a live system and developing comfortably, from scratch, without any problems and while there is no activity. You are trying to add something to the live system. Even though you have made an adjustment, sometimes it is such a big risk to apply that you prefer the congestion and hiccup rather than taking that risk. In the coming days we will launch a couple of updates. Because we had to make some architectural adjustments. After that, there will be no problems, at least from our side.”

Underlining that there has not been any crashing for a long time, “We would only experience some delay and peering problems,” said Oral. He stated that they continue their efforts so that these hiccups will not be repeated, and “None of the mediator institutions we know has handled this much traffic,” he claimed.

“Paribu is a technology company at the same time”

At the panel described by İsmail Hakkı Polat as “the special episode of Kripto Veteran going on for almost 1 year under the sponsorship of Paribu”, it was asked what kind of initiatives would be taken by Paribu, as one of the leading actors contributing to the blockchain ecosystem.

“This is a two-sided coin: cryptocurrency and technology. At first glance, the people perceive us only as a cryptocurrency transaction platform; however, we also have a technological side that we are fond of,” said Yasin Oral.

Emphasizing that blockchain technology can be used in many areas in addition to finance, Oral mentioned that it was the reason they realized Paribu Hub. Stating that they are working on a domestic blockchain, and they will soon realize the project, Oral mentioned the cold wallet project as well. “This is a very important project. How to keep the assets is one of the most important issues at hand and we have reached the last phase in our efforts,” he concluded.

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