Paribu has its 5th water well opened in Africa on the World Water Day

Paribu, the leading cryptocurrency transaction platform in Turkey, had a water well opened in the Gambia, an African country, on “The World Water Day” in cooperation with Sen De Gel Association that carries out sustainable projects for the disadvantageous regions of the world.

Offering fast, simple, and secure cryptocurrency transaction service to its users, Paribu had its 5th water well in Africa opened via Sen De Gel Association. 500 people will benefit from the well opened in Sare Dambel Jawo village in the Gambia.

Taking “The Sustainable Development Goals” of United Nations as a reference, Paribu previously declared that it took responsibility for three of them, namely “ending poverty”, “quality education” and “clean water and sanitation”.

Making a statement about the topic, Yasin Oral, CEO of Paribu, said: “We think that everyone should take responsibility for the world of tomorrow. One third of the countries experience a problem at accessing to water at medium or high level. They are faced with hardships in accessing clean water. We took responsibility for this, and we stepped into action. The total number of water wells we had opened together with Sen De Gel Association reached 5. In total, 2550 people access clean water thanks to these wells.”

Yasin Oral added that they would continue both domestic and international efforts for more people to access clean water.


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