Paribu has achieved its 4th anniversary with a daily trading volume of $1 billion

Launched for trading on February 14, 2017, by Yasin Oral, Paribu has become the platform where hundreds of thousands of users took their first step into the cryptocurrency world in 4 years with its 1.5 million users and its daily trading volume exceeding $1 billion. “In 2021, we continue blazing trails in the ind

ustry as a platform that explains what new generation finance is to Turkey and that brings the world of tomorrow together with all investors,” said Yasin Oral, CEO of Paribu.

Stating on February 14, 2017, that they have launched the application as a reliable address for digital assets and transactions, Oral continued: “4 years ago, the total market value of the cryptocurrencies in the world was $18.26 billion and the daily trading volume was around $100 million. Today the total market value has reached $1.3 trillion and the trading volume has increased to $220 billion.”

Adding that within 4 years, Paribu has become the most progressive and fast-growing platform that achieved many firsts to the industry by applying the most recent and secure technologies, “As of February 2021, the number of Paribu users reached 1.5 million. The daily trading volume of Paribu has exceeded the level of $1 billion. Its average trading volume is $800 million. Paribu currently maintains its title as the leader of the industry with thanks to the transaction service and innovations it provides. 8 thousand new users sign up to Paribu daily and this number has even reached 40 thousand,” said Oral.

Emphasizing that they will continue being the leader and advisor in terms of regulations and new applications in the industry and in the efforts for users to make more secure transactions, Oral added: “We are getting ready to hand in Paribu Card that will allow shopping and making payments with cryptocurrency to the users who applied. In the meantime, we will continue our efforts regarding the blockchain that is the technology underlying cryptocurrency units.”

Expressing that as Paribu, they have taken concrete steps to create the first domestic blockchain network, Oral also underlined that they realized Paribu Hub that offer training scholarships in the area of blockchain and that will soon support start-ups with investments and business development counseling. “Realized with the aim to make Turkey not the consumer but the producer of the blockchain technology, ParibuHub has been founded to contribute to this ecosystem, to bring up human-resource, and to support enterprises. Paribu Hub will create employment for young people with high potential, and will provide investment and business development guidance to start-ups and individuals wishing to realize their projects,” said Oral.

Oral also gave information about the recent developments in the cryptocurrency world in Turkey: “The interest in cryptocurrencies in Turkey started to increase in early 2020. This increase continued during the pandemic as well. Since the first days of 2021, the interest we observed in the previous year has been increasing. To further deepen the market and increase the number of investors in Turkey, the most important process ahead of us will be the one regarding regulations. The laws and directives on cryptocurrencies will create positive effects both on the industry and the investor.”

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