“Our goal is to unify the blockchain ecosystem under one roof”

Paribu’s CEO Yasin Oral featured in Capital Magazine’s “Those Who Lead the Digital World” supplement. 

Talking about Paribu’s projects works and goals, Yasin Oral also answered many questions, ranging from regulation to Fenerbahçe Token.

“There is a growing appetite for fan tokens in Turkey”

Stating that there was a growing appetite for fan tokens  in Turkey, Oral pointed to the good precedent set by the Fenerbahce Token. Commenting on fan tokens, he said, “The completion of the Fenerbahce Token pre-sale in a short time like 1.5 hours and the club’s generating a revenue of 436 million Turkish liras made other clubs eager to join in.”

“We want to provide human resources to the ecosystem”

Making statements about the cryptocurrency industry and the future of Paribu, Oral underlined that Paribu was pioneering initiatives in the ecosystem and would continue to do so,

adding that the Paribu Hub was the result of their desire to contribute to efforts to make Turkey a formidable actor in blockchain technology and build a corresponding infrastructure. Oral added, “The Paribu Hub has the goal of providing human resources to the ecosystem. The Paribu Hub provides scholarships for basic and advanced blockchain training. We aim to provide incentives for competitions, training programs, promising projects with business development potential for startups that develop blockchain based solutions.”

“Serious work done so far in the way of market regulation”

Also commenting on the hot-button issue of regulating the market, he said , “We are picking our way through a number of regulatory practices from other parts of the world, to choose the one that best fits our needs. While collaborating with other organizations and agencies.” He underlined how regulation was needed to prevent vulnerabilities.


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