Bikem Kanık and Ebru Güven have talked about the women in the blockchain ecosystem and their motivations

On March 8, the guests of the Financial Technology (Finansal Teknoloji) program, broadcasted live on BloombergHT and hosted by Sefer Yüksel, were Bikem Kanık, Advisory Board Member of Paribu, and Ebru Güven, Chairwoman of the Executive Board of Istanbul Blockchain Women.

In the program, the results of the “Being a Woman in the Blockchain Ecosystem” survey carried out by Academetre in cooperation with Paribu and ISTBCW were discussed in depth. Ebru Güven said that, besides finding out the place of the women in the ecosystem, valuable data on the blockchain projects realized in Turkey was obtained while conducting the survey. Stating that the number of blockchain projects carried out by corporate firms is only 9, Güven said: “We have much progress to be made in this area.”

Answering the question “How often do the women working on blockchain projects trade cryptocurrencies?” posed by Sefer Yüksel, Bikem Kanık said that more than half of the women working in this ecosystem have not made any transaction yet. She added: “Among the transactions made by women, 32% is for trading and 32% is for investing, and 91% of those who have made a transaction stated that they were satisfied with the operation.”

When Yüksel asked about the satisfaction of the women working in the blockchain industry according to the survey results, Ebru Güven answered that women were happy by saying, “44% of the women work on managerial positions on the projects, and in fact, this industry aligns with the vision of the women.”

Responding to the question “Will Paribu take new steps based on such surveys?”, Bikem Kanık said: “This survey is a significant data source and its social responsibility aspect is quite strong. We, as Paribu, work on various issues in the area and keep social responsibility always within our area of interest.”

You can watch the full episode below.

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