“A new roadmap around creating new technologies”

Paribu’s CEO Yasin Oral and SHERPA’s founder Yakup Bayrak, were guests at the “Finansal Teknoloji” program, moderated by Sefer Yüksel. During the program broadcast on BloombergHT, they answered questions about Paribu’s takeover of SHERPA and other developments in the sector.

One of the highlights of the program was the recent takeover of SHERPA by Paribu. Yakup Bayrak joined the live streaming and expressed his satisfaction with the partnership saying the following: “Sherpa has been operating for 9 years now to design the interaction between humans and systems. The reason why user experience is so important is that digital products now feature more prominently in people’s lives. In the past, it was enough for such applications to be functional and reliable, but as these products become more important in our lives, users also want to have a voice and enjoy their experiences. Businesses in Turkey began to allocate resources to digital technologies in the 2010s. Paribu’s takeover of SHERPA has so many global precedents. We might hear about similar mergers in Turkey in the coming days.”

Underlining the fact that Paribu was not a trading platform, but a technology company, Yasin Oral explained why Paribu decided to take over SHERPA, saying, “We realized early on in what ways the blockchain technology can benefit humanity and that is what shapes the direction of our projects, basically. And SHERPA enters the picture in designing these projects in a user-friendly way to best respond to requirements.”

“We have projects to help the ecosystem”

At the live broadcast were also discussed Paribu’s projects for 2022 and the anticipated regulation of the industry. Yasin Oral touched upon the following at the program:

  • We cannot sum up our plans for 2022 only in terms of crypto-currencies. We have a new roadmap structured around creating new technologies rather than just listing crypto-currencies. We have new blockchain, NFT, and game projects we intend to launch, to help push forward our drive to go global. Paribu and Turkey, actually were there when the train was leaving the station and we want it to stay that way. With a capable team of 200+ employees, we will continue to launch remarkable projects that will touch human lives.
  • If there is going to be a regulation, it should be about bringing a structure around the way of doing things, rather than introducing bans. A regulation must consider the rights of platforms, investors and users. As a country, we enjoy a much-coveted place in this ecosystem. Users must have this one question answered, “Do investors in this business do justice to the merits of this coveted place?”
  • Few platforms in Turkey provide storage services using their own technology. While the public sector and banks have very little know-how. On the one hand, we are doing our best to change the digital landscape for the better.
  • Storage service is a big issue, which may take a long time for its technical complexities to be fully appreciated. But in this process, we cannot lag behind regulations on other issues. Once we can get in place an overarching frame of set of rules that keep things in order, the rest will follow. Already a public-facing company, in the process, Paribu will continue to stay in touch with the public.

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