Support Analysis: Misuse of “Stop-loss”


Misuse of “Stop-loss”.


In the stop-loss, the user set “Condition TL” as 66,000 TL, “Order TL” as 65,900 TL, and the selling order amount as 1 BTC. The user contacted the Support Unit because the order was not activated. Following the notification, our technical team examined the issue.

In the context of a stop-loss order, if the condition is met and no new order is added to the board, within 65,900 TL the order can be fulfilled only in the amount of the pending BTC (in this case, 0.71145858 BTC). Since the difference between “Condition TL” and “Order TL” is too small, the market may continue with the subsequent orders when there are not enough buyers to meet the selling order at such level. Therefore, the user’s order may still be pending.



If the user had set “Condition TL” as 66,000 and “Order TL” as, for instance, 65,700 TRY, it would have been more likely to fulfill the stop-loss order. Leaving a certain margin between “Condition TL” and “Order TL” increases the likelihood of fulfilling a stop-loss order placed on the transaction board.

What should I do?

A conditional order, also known as a stop-loss order, is used to place an order on the transaction board. It applies to the orders you want to be activated based on the satisfaction of certain price conditions you have set, especially when you may not be able to follow the market.

Even though the price has touched down your conditional price, the market may go back in the other direction before your order is processed. In such cases, your order may not be realized since the relevant price went back in the other direction before your order is processed even though the condition might have appeared to be satisfied for a brief moment.

Leaving a certain margin between condition TL and order TL increases the possibility of your order to be fulfilled.

For more detailed information on the subject, please click on our article titled “How to use a stop-loss order?”

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