Support Analysis: Erroneous cryptocurrency transaction


Sending Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to the Bitcoin (BTC) SegWit address.


The user said to our technical team that he had sent BCH to the BTC SegWit address. Once the erroneous transaction was communicated, our technical team examined the issue.

In erroneous transactions like sending Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to the Bitcoin (BTC) SegWit address, cryptocurrencies are inaccessible by the sender and receiver. It was not possible to move them, so no intervention could be made.


Because it was technically impossible to reach cryptocurrencies in these erroneous transactions, there could be no compensation for them. The result was communicated to the user.

What should we be careful about?

The cryptocurrency to be sent should match with the cryptocurrency deposit account. The warnings that appear on the cryptocurrency deposit screen and in the articles shared by Help Center should be taken into consideration.

It is important to check transfer addresses again and again in order not to face any digital asset loss risk.

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