Paribu and its road map in the journey through 2020 | Yasin Oral

Since the beginning of Paribu’s journey in 2017, we have always prioritized meeting the expectations of our clients and providing exemplary services to define the standards.

Yasin Oral
The CEO of Paribu

Since the foundation of Paribu, we have been aware that the best way to communicate what we stand for is the quality of the services provided and we were not mistaken. The fact that Paribu has become a market leader within a short period with a sustainable growth and more than 550,000 users has proven that we are on the right path.

From the beginning of this journey, our corporate culture and approach to our clients have been very clear. We have never posted manipulative or speculative data or artificially high trading volumes to increase our visibility.

So what have we done?

Instead of making unrealistic promises or exaggerated price estimates, we have focused on ensuring that the users get used to the cryptocurrency ecosystem in a secure way and become familiar with both traditional and innovative instruments of the financial world. With each practice and procedure adopted, we have ensured that our clients are confident that their data and digital assets are completely secure. We have never allowed for any attempt involving a potential for criminal financial activities. In this respect, we have continuously followed our procedures and protocols.

This approach and culture as adopted by Paribu have ensured the development of a cryptocurrency ecosystem in Turkey. Therefore, Turkey also began to be regarded as an appealing market for foreign cryptocurrency trading platforms. However, this appeal is not limited to the market size and potential of Turkey.

Some online surveys suggest that the rate of cryptocurrency users in Turkey is around 20%. However, whether these results reflect the actual case is doubtful. The data on such a population, who consists of online users and are deemed to be familiar with the cryptocurrency world, may not be the right indicator for the Turkish market.

This is not the only reason for what makes Turkey such an appealing market. Another and probably a more important reason for such interest arises from the fact that some platforms, which have been unable to directly centralize in their own countries, seek a harbor. However, Turkey is a major and prominent country to consider it as a small base and harbor. It is highly unlikely to expect such platforms, which have been unable to find a center even in countries that are prominent in cryptocurrencies and licensing, to carry out customer-oriented activities in Turkey.

Needless to say, the status of Paribu is essentially distinct from such platforms. Firstly, Paribu is a Turkish-based company. It is a platform, which pays taxes based on its revenues and thus, contributes to the national economy. Such a distinction is primarily indicated by our close contact with relevant legal authorities and our transparency to this date. In addition, Paribu continues to make efforts to sustain its success and services in domestic markets as well as on a global scale. For such reasons, Paribu is distinct from the companies entering into the Turkish market with different expectations.

Competition is one of the most essential conditions for the development of an industry and we are aware that in case internationally recognized platforms, which prioritize providing quality services, enter into the Turkish market in the future, such competition would provide great benefits for the industry.

Within this period, we focus on how to further improve our services. Paribu provides its users with fast, easy, and secure transaction services. In addition, it offers fiat money-cryptocurrency transactions. Decreasing the commission rates as the trading volume of the user increases, Paribu has adopted commission rates as low as 1/10,000 (one per ten thousand). We continue our efforts by taking into account the expectations of our clients in this respect.

“In 2017, just within a few months after Paribu was founded, we achieved to become a platform with the 16th highest trading volume in the world based on the official data. We have established a sustainable success. We are at the final stage of our efforts to create a Turkish-based world brand. We began the countdown for our efforts in adopting the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life. We develop designs to serve as a benchmark to regulatory standards on the secure storage of user assets. By building up Paribu blockchain network, we take steps to ensure that Turkey has more effective use of this technology. Moreover, we are currently working on social responsibility projects based on blockchain. During this period, we will maintain our customer-oriented approach in the future as we have adopted in the past.” As our clients know at first hand, Paribu will not make any compromises on its quality services for the sake of higher profitability. The quality of services provided by Paribu will continue to be the key element of our visibility.

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