What kind of precautions can be taken when logging in to your Paribu account?

In order to ensure the security of the digital assets, it is crucial that the users should always be cautious and refrain from any acts that could potentially cause any security breach.

Paribu always keeps all security measures up-to-date in order to securely protect the user data and digital assets. In addition, Cybersecurity Department is continuously working around the clock. In this respect, the users should also protect their personal data and be cautious about fraudulent attempts called “phishing”.

There are 8 key points to consider as follows:

  1. Type www.paribu.com directly in the address line rather than using search engines to log in to your Paribu account.

Malicious people may attempt to take possession of your personal information by a method called “phishing”. When you use search engines, there is a risk of inadvertently entering your password and security information on another website, which looks similar in terms of name and design to the website that you want to log in although such websites are simply designed for fraudulent acts. The best way to access the website is to type www.paribu.com in the address line to securely log in to the website.

If you encounter other websites that you reasonably think they could have been designed for “phishing”, please report such websites to us by e-mail to [email protected]

  1. Make sure that the address bar is green and contains the wording, Paribu Teknoloji A.S. [TR].

Do not enter your personal information and password to any form contained on the fake websites, which are designed to look like a website of a bank or a financial institution.

  1. If you receive your two-step verification code via SMS, check the SMS subject and the sender’s code. Other than SMS, you can use 2 other verification options as Google 2FA and e-mail verification.

Make sure that SMS sender’s name is Paribu and the sender’s code is B002, B016, B021, or B040. For additional security, go to account settings and enable Google 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) and e-mail verification.

  1. Paribu does not request any user data via URL links sent via Google, Facebook, Twitter, forums or blogs, WhatsApp or Telegram.

Do not click on any links sent via such channels and do not enter your user details using such links. Even though they appear to be communicated by Paribu or a person you trust, never enter your user details on the windows opened by clicking on the links shared with you.

  1. Do not share your login details with any third parties even though you trust such persons.

For the security of your account, do not keep your personal information written on any medium where others can access. Do not share your personal information with others by written or oral means.

  1. Do not use simple passwords that can easily be guessed.

Do not use your date of birth, Turkish Identification Number, phone number, or consecutive numbers as your password. Change your passwords on a regular basis.

  1. Do not log in to your account from computers and wireless networks that you are not sure that they are secure.

For instance, logging in to your account on public computers such as those in Internet cafes, whose security cannot be confirmed, or connecting to a public wireless network may result in unauthorized access to your personal data. For this reason, log in to your account only through your PC and smartphone.

  1. Log out before you close your web browser.

After you have completed your transactions, log out by clicking on “Log Out” link on the website.

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