Yekta Kopan has hosted Bünyamin Sürmeli and Başak Burcu Yiğit on Yarının Dünyası (The World of Tomorrow)

This week, Yekta Kopan hosted Bünyamin Sürmeli and Başak Burcu Yiğit. On the program, “The World of Tomorrow” was discussed through various topics from climate crisis to gender equality, from economy to blockchain.

Touching upon the survey “Blokzincir Ekosisteminde Kadın Olmak” (Being a Woman in the Blockchain Ecosystem) conducted by Akademetre with the leadership of Paribu and Istanbul Blockchain Women Turkey (ISTBCW), gender equality and the position of the women in the industry were dealt with. Expressing that the women are happy in the industry and they are highly curious, Başak Burcu Yiğit underlined that the occupations in relation to blockchain are the occupations of the future.

When Kopan asked whether blockchain is a technology that can be utilized to solve global problems rather than being limited to the economy or not, “Blockchain is a technology that can provide the infrastructure of them,” Yiğit responded. In addition to this, as the organization, he stated that they make a great effort for explaining this technology specifically.

When it was time to discuss climate crises, Sürmeli stated: “There are three pillars of sustainability: human, nature and economy. When the economy climbs up to the top, nature and all living creatures are crushed under it.” He mentioned that artificial intelligence will be integrated into meteorology in the near future and the efforts are started now.

You can watch the full episode, where blockchain was dealt with, out of economic and cryptocurrency context, from the link below.

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