Yasin Oral: “Paribu consist of two structures: Paribu LAB and Paribu HUB”

The Golden Sponsor of Webrazzi Developer 2021, one of the most significant events in the world of software, is Paribu. Moreover, Yasin Oral, CEO of Paribu and Levent Kaya, the Product Development & Project Manager of Paribu, gave a speech with the title “Yarını Kodlamak” (Coding Tomorrow) at the event.

Yasin Oral underlined the fact that Paribu is not only a cryptocurrency transaction platform but also a technology company. He announced that Paribu developed its own blockchain project and they have a cold wallet project that everyone, as well as the users, can use.

Talking about the working system behind the scenes of Paribu, Oran mentioned that the number of listed cryptocurrencies is based on the technology and technical team behind the scenes. Saying, “They all need to be coded and developed in compliance with specific standards. With every cryptocurrency we list, we also touch the Blockchain of that currency as well. We benefit from all the opportunities it offers as far as possible and consequently, we test and operate the system behind it in practice,” he summarized the topic.

We announce the details of our Blockchain project in the near future

Expressing that various technological efforts are pursued under Paribu LAB, he conveyed these regarding the issue:

“There are two structures: The first one is Paribu LAB and the second one is Paribu HUB. In the LAB section, we have a Blockchain project which we now call “Paribuchain”, however, this is not the definitive name of it. We are developing a project with added value, and we will share some relevant information in the near future. On the other hand, there are wallet solutions, storage services. This is really a niche and a limited number of companies offer such services. Every cryptocurrency listed on Paribu is kept definitely at Paribu standards and through the storage services developed by our team. We do not outsource third parties at all. We try to adjust these services created for ourselves so that both public and private industry can make use of it.”

Paribu HUB progresses towards the aim of becoming an academy

Levent Kaya, the Product Development & Project Manager of Paribu, introduced Paribu HUB to the audience. He mentioned that this HUB became operational in 2021 and in such a short time it managed to organize trainings in cooperation with prestigious universities such as Boğaziçi University and Kadir Has University. Besides, he expressed that “Blockchain Startup Challenge”, where Turkish and foreign projects compete with each other, is organized and the projects are supported.

Levent Kaya conveyed the identity and goals of Paribu HUB as follows: “Paribu HUB aims to be conducive for this technology to reach not only software developers but anyone regardless of his occupation. We need lawyers, artists and many other professionals as well, and we believe that everyone can be a part of this ecosystem. We can call this shortly as “HUB for everyone”. Paribu HUB will continue to cooperate with various educational institutions and provide scholarships in the future as well. We progress towards the aim of being an academy”

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