Yasin Oral: “Bitcoin has certain significant advantages over gold.”

In a statement provided by Yasin Oral, the CEO of Paribu, to the journal called Platin, Oral stated that Bitcoin had certain significant advantages over gold.

Providing his insights in September 2019 issue of the journal, Yasin Oral stated, “A large number of people around the world use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for such purposes as storing value, making a payment, and making an investment. Compared to gold, Bitcoin offers certain significant advantages in terms of ease of transfer, transfer speed, transfer cost, demand control, and decentralization”.

Emphasizing that the most significant aspect of Bitcoin was its indication that the global financial system would face significant changes with the advancing technology, Oral stated, “Bitcoin has a prominent role as the first concept to open the door to transformation and make us think about it”.

Indicating that such questions as whether Bitcoin was a currency, a commodity, or a security had been discussed for many years on an ongoing basis, Oral said, “Although it has similar characteristics to many of those definitions in general, it appears that Bitcoin does not fall under any of those categories. Defined as “a peer-to-peer electronic cash system” by its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin appears in various functions based on the usage habits of the populations”.

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