Yasin Oral answered the questions of students during Management Sciences Congress

Yasin Oral participated in the 23rd Management Sciences Congress of Istanbul Technical University as a spokesperson this year. During the event organized by the Department of Management Engineering of İstanbul Technical University, Oral answered the questions of students about the industry, entrepreneurship, and Paribu.

Having talked about his activities during the years as a university student followed by the story of his entrepreneurship efforts, Oral explained that everything he had done until that time was correlated. Addressing the questions about the success story of Paribu, Oral stated: “We have launched Paribu as a project that allows for the users to easily adapt to the platform and this is basically why it is so successful. However, as what comes next is way more important and we have not achieved all goals we have set for Paribu yet.”

“Paribu is a tech company”

Having mentioned about Paribu’s globalization plans during the event, Oral remarked that Paribu had surpassed the trading volumes of global platforms carrying out business operations in Türkiye even though Paribu has not become global yet. Oral stated that Paribu would begin accepting global customers during this year. Oral also gave a summary of various other projects as follows: “We have a brand new  NFTmarket project which is nothing like the previous ones. We also have Paribu Ventures, which was created to make investments in various projects. Our goal is to serve global customers with various projects planned for a number of areas, including gaming, blockchain , and Web3. Paribu is not just another  cryptocurrency  trading platform, it is also a tech company.”

While addressing the questions about Web3, Oral explained that we would find ourselves as a consumer in this world in less than no time and recommended that we could play Web3-based games to become familiar with it and facilitate adaptation into the system in the future.

Below, you can watch the full session of the Management Sciences Congress, during which Yasin Oral addressed many questions about the technology sector.

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