“We have a project through which we can buy money with cryptocurrency”

Paribu’s CEO Yasin Oral answered the questions of Ersan Taylan Çıplak from Fortune Turkey on Instagram live.

Oral said that although Bitcoin (BTC) draws attention as an investment tool,  it is not used frequently enough as a payment tool because of its structure. Oral emphasized that they are working on this.

“We have a project which will enable you to use cryptocurrency in daily life like when you buy a coffee”, said Yasin Oral.

“We are going to set commission rates.”

Oral reminded that Paribu offers fiat money/cryptocurrency transaction services. He highlighted that there are only a few platforms that offer such a service and informed that the platforms that work with fiat money charge much higher commission fees than the platforms that provide crypto currency/cryptocurrency transaction services.

Oral said that no other platform offers a lower commission fee than Paribu over 100 thousand TL trading volume. As to the transactions below 100 thousand TL, Oral added that they will review the commission that ranges between 2.5 and 3.5 per thousand.

Oral stated that the daily trading volume of Paribu is 12-13 million dollars and from time to time it can reach 40-50 million dollars. Oral also listed the 22 cryptocurrencies they offer and underlined that in this field Paribu is number one in Turkey.

 “Blockchain ship has not sailed for Turkey.”

Oral said that if Turkey wants to benefit from blockchain technology, the ship has not sailed. “Blockchain is, in fact, a methodology. We are at the very beginning. We need to be on the side of those who develop it, not those who will have to adapt to it.”, said Oral.

Oral underlined that they are seriously working on blockchain. He said, “We will have announced the Paribu blockchain network produced in Turkey within a couple of months.” He added:

“Our efforts will also have a social responsibility dimension, but here the most important point is the privacy of cryptocurrencies. We are currently developing a much more flexible version, which can be used by anyone but which also ensures the confidentiality of personal data and can get visible when required.”

Paribu will keep its practical and user-friendly structure

Oral said they will pay attention to keeping Paribu practical and easy to use. He emphasized that this was a strategy and added:

“Most of the financial intermediaries familiar to us have fewer users than Paribu. A great majority of our users have not been introduced to financial instruments before. These people are the ones who have avoided using options other than transfer/EFT in online banking. However, they were able to adjust to Paribu’s ecosystem very quickly.”

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