“We achieved a first again with fan tokens”

Yasin Oral, the CEO of Paribu, and Alexandre Dreyfus, the CEO of Socios.com, answered the questions about fan tokens on beIN Sports’ live broadcast.

On the listing of Galatasaray Fan Token (GAL) on Paribu, Oral stated: “Since 2017, Paribu blazed many trails and fan token listing is one of them. Our goal is to be the intermediary between fans and sports clubs so that the supporters play a bigger role in club decisions and that the clubs generate an income with this project. We aim to ensure that foreign users will be able to use Paribu as well by listing not only Turkish but also European teams.”

Saying “We are more active and intensive in Europe thanks to our fan token project. Turkey is quite important for us as a young country with passionate fans”, Alex Dreyfus added that they will make an investment of TRY 100 million in Turkey, and they are still negotiating with 15 more clubs.

Galatasaray, Trabzonspor, and Başakşehir from Turkey launched their fan tokens as well following clubs such as Barcelona, Juventus, Atletico Madrid, and Roma.

You can watch the full program by clicking on the link.

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