This week, Yekta Kopan hosted Arda Türkmen and Ebru Güven on Yarının Dünyası (The World of Tomorrow)

Yekta Kopan hosted Arda Türkmen and Ebru Güven on the recent episode of Yarının Dünyası (The World of Tomorrow). Started with the effects of the pandemic on the industries, the conservation ended with blockchain.

Ebru Güven, Chairwomen of the Executive Board of Istanbul Blockchain Women Turkey (ISTBCW), talked about the position of women in the blockchain ecosystem and the efforts of the organization. “In our organization, we explain that the blockchain technology will be more pleasant, more creative and productive with women participation,” she continued. Moreover, Güven expressed that blockchain is the epitome of the future, and she considers it not only as a technology but a change in mentality.

Arda Türkmen discussed the effects of the pandemic and shrinking of the product range on his industry and gave examples combining agriculture and technology. He also admitted that he is just an observer when it comes to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and he is not yet an investor. “I have a been in a platonic relation with it for a long time. However, when I look at it as an outsider, I see cryptocurrencies as new investment or as a new tool to transfer assets,” he continued.

You can watch the full episode, where various topics from the adaptability of technology to different industries to the revolutional quality of blockchain were dealt with, from below.

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