The series of “The World of Cryptocurrency Explained in 10 Questions” continues with the third episode

The third episode of “The World of Cryptocurrency Explained in 10 Questions” is published on BloombergHT with the sponsorship of Paribu. This week, Gizem Uzuner Gençtürk and Güzem Yılmaz Ertem discussed various topics such as cryptocurrency mining, transfer and transactions.

Having explained the Bitcoin mining cycle in detail, Güzem Yılmaz Ertem said: “19 million Bitcoins were produced within 11 years, however during the next 100 years, only 2 million Bitcoins will be produced.”

Regarding cryptocurrency transaction types, Gizem Uzuner Gençtürk talked about the definitions of order types. After saying, “There are three types of orders. The first one, market order, is the riskiest and fastest one to be performed,” she mentioned that using limit order would be more convenient for minimizing the risk. Gençtürk concluded her words after stating the definition of the condition order.

You can watch the full episode below.

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