“The interest in cryptocurrency has been steadily increasing”

Yasin Oral, CEO of Paribu, has evaluated the new developments in the cryptocurrency ecosystem for the Dünya newspaper.

Mentioning that the interest in cryptocurrency is more intense than before and this interest has been increasing consistently, “We have also seen that Turkey’s interest in cryptocurrency investment is not only associated with the pandemic,” said Yasin Oral.

When it comes to the comparison of the investors in Turkey and the ones in other countries, Yasin Oral stated that with the effect of living in a period where there are no communication hurdles anymore, the investors in Turkey are not different from the ones in other countries. Oral continued as follows:

“There is only one clear difference: The investment rate of altcoin of Turkish people is much higher compared to other investors.”

Regarding regulation efforts, Oral said:

“In our country, I think that the regulations will bring the expected increase of corporate investors. I believe that legal arrangements and regulations will be beneficial for our industry.”

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