The commercial film has been launched with the slogan “Everyone’s talking about Paribu”

Paribu, the leading cryptocurrency transaction platform of Turkey, launched the commercial film of the campaign “Everyone’s talking about Paribu”.

Underlining the fact that millions of people took their first step into the world of cryptocurrencies with them, Paribu pursues its communication efforts with 4 new commercial films.

The commercial films show the effect of Paribu, which plays an important role in raising awareness for cryptocurrencies, on the daily life. It is emphasized that by offering service to 3.5 million users, Paribu is now mentioned at cafes, hair salons and among friends.

In the commercial films, it is seen that the users pronounce even the words that they use daily in the tone of the Paribu signal, and they communicate with each other this way. The confusion experienced by the ones who are not yet familiarized with Paribu is reflected to the audience humorously. The film ends with these sentences: “These days Paribu is in the minds, conversations, and wallets of everyone. Don’t be late, take your first step into the world of Bitcoin with Paribu as well.

The recent advertorials of Paribu, which maintains its position as the leading platform in the cryptocurrency sector, will be on TV and radio channels, newspapers, digital media and billboards.

You can watch the advertorial films on Paribu YouTube channel.

Bu içerik en son 26 October 2022 tarihinde güncellenmiştir.


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