Team Paribu announces its new projects

Established with an aim to support Turkish sports and sportspeople in line with Paribu’s goal to “create the future,” Team Paribu has recently announced its new projects during a press conference.

Team Paribu was founded in 2021 with an aim to raise future athletes, bring together young sportspeople with veteran athletes of age as role models, and ensure gender equality in sports.

Projects implemented in 2022

Previously composed of 7 athletes mainly from individual sports branches, Team Paribu now has 10 team members after having added 3 more athletes to the team. Team Paribu was originally founded as a team consisting of 7 members, namely, Eda Erdem, the women’s national volleyball team captain as the team leader; Ahmet Önder, national gymnast; Dilara Uralp, national windsurfer; İlke Özyüksel, national modern pentathlete; Sertaç Şanlı, national basketball player; Nida Eliz Üstündağ, national swimmer; and Berfe Sancak, national athlete. Having added Dilara Bozan, national karateka; Deniz Selin Ünlüdağ, national fencer; and Fatma Uruk, national free diver to the team this year, Team Paribu will continue its sports activities with new projects.

One of the projects to be implemented during this year is  Team Paribu Mentor, which was created so that Team Paribu athletes share their experiences with young athletes in their own sports branches and support their development, while Team Paribu Workshop aims for Team Paribu athletes to share their workout routines and preparation processes with anyone who is interested in sports.

A collaboration to remove the barriers for youth to access sports

Team Paribu, in collaboration with Needs Map, introduced the project called  Team Paribu Seninle. Within the scope of the project, which was initiated based on the fact that 11% out of over 3000 items of need as identified by Needs Map initiative consist of sports equipment, sports equipment needs of young individuals in need will be provided throughout the year.

“Survey on Perception of Sports and Sports Branches”

During the press conference, the results of the Survey on Perception of Sports and Sports Branches, which was conducted by XSIGHTS Research and Consulting company on behalf of Team Paribu, were also shared with the press.

Having been conducted with 385 participants from February 21st until March 2nd, 2022, the survey creates a general framework for sports branches supported by Team Paribu in addition to providing key insights into various aspects from attitudes towards sports, how parents approach, and gender perception to perception of pursuing a sports career.

Bu içerik en son 26 October 2022 tarihinde güncellenmiştir.


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