“Regulation can transform Turkey into a center of attraction”

The second episode of the podcast series presented by İsmail Hakkı Polat and Mert Fırat and sponsored by Paribu has been broadcasted. The first guest of “The Highest of All Time” was the Tax Specialist Ozan Bingöl.

Mert Fırat and İsmail Hakkı Polat asked the things people are curious about the taxation, which is always a current topic, and Ozan Bingöl answered them. Started with the history, aim, and operation of tax, the conversation continued with the taxation of cryptocurrencies.

Taxes must be predictable

Ozan Bingöl explained that the tax to be collected from the investors of cryptocurrencies, that are categorized under financial assets, should be determined and announced to the public. “The tax system should be predictable and definitive. Then the investor will invest,” he added.

To clarify further, he gave examples from cryptocurrency definitions of other countries all around the world. Regarding the definition Mert Fırat asked: “Can there be any retrospective taxation?” and Bingöl answered by saying “If cryptocurrencies are categorized under the seven factors of earnings of the income tax definition, retroactive taxation may be possible.”

We cannot act independently of the rest of the world

İsmail Hakkı Polat mentioned that within the scope of tax regulations, it may contribute to the state treasury to involve foreigners into the trading cycle on the domestic platforms and to integrate this with the banking system. Setting Malta as an example, he said: “I think that an inclusive tax policy addressing everyone in Turkey will transform the country into the financial center of attraction.”

When his opinion is asked, Bingöl expressed that tax is not only associated with income, and “In this sense, we cannot act independently of the rest of the world, we should integrate,” he added.

You can watch the full episode where the taxation system was discussed from many aspects below.

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