Paribu Ventures announced its first investments: Float Capital and Angelic

Paribu Ventures was established by Paribu to support innovation-based ventures that can make a difference and be developed on the blockchain network under different categories such as Web3, infrastructure, game and NFTNow, Paribu Ventures has made its first investments.

Investments in DeFi and games world

Paribu Ventures participated in the funding round of Float Capital and Angelic.

Paribu Ventures participated in the funding round of Float Capital along with VC companies such as Alameda Research, Maven 11, MetaCartel Ventures, IDEO CoLab Ventures, Morning Star Ventures. The founder of Aave, Stani Kulechov and Gengmo Qi from Dragonfly Capital’s were also involved in Float Capital’s funding round.  As to the Angelic, Paribu Ventures took part in the funding round together with Animoca Brands, Pantera Capital and Solana Ventures.

In the afore-mentioned investment tours, Float Capital closed its first tour with five million dollars. Angelic, the first game by Metaverse Game Studios, however, collected ten million dollars.

The Director of Paribu Ventures, Utku Dördüncü commented on the investments: “As Paribu Ventors, we are excited to be supporting these two projects. We are sure that both companies will offer their users unmatched experiences and they will be the rule setters in their fields.”

What is Float Capital?

Float Capital is an innovative DeFi protocol that allows perpetual leverage, tokenizes long and short leveraged positions, and, thus, reduces the risk of liquidation.

What is Angelic?

Angelic is a sci-fi themed RPG game that will fill a gap in the world of Web3 games, aspiring to offer its users a high-quality experience.

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