Paribu raises its paid-in capital to 40 million TRY

Turkey’s biggest crypto money transaction platform Paribu has increased its paid-in capital from 12 million to 40 million TRY.  Paribu also established a new company with a capital of 50 million TRY.

The increase was published in the Trade Registry Gazette 10335 on May 26, 2021.

Offering its users a fast, easy and secure cryptocurrency transaction service, Paribu released a statement that the old capital has been fully paid in and the new raise has been funded by undistributed dividends from previous years.

Speaking about the new development, Paribu’s CEO Yasin Oral said the following, stating that they currently had 4 million users:

“We continue to convert the added value our users generate into sustainable means of growth. We are fully aware of our responsibilities as the leading cryptocurrency trading platform. We have raised our paid-in capital from the amount of 12 million to 40 million TRY using the profits from previous years. A financial commitment of such scale is an ample token of the confidence Paribu inspires. Paribu will continue to provide secure transaction services, enabled by its robust infrastructure and rock solid security procedures.”

Paribu launches new company with 50 million TRY capital

Paribu announced it has established a new company with a capital of 50 million RY, in addition to raising its paid-up capital.

The new company, Stoken Financial Technologies AŞ, owned 100% by Paribu, will invest in financial technologies. The company’s focus will be blockchain-based software solutions.

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