Paribu partners for NFT exhibition and conference organized by Contemporary Istanbul

Paribu partners for CI Bloom, Digital Horizons: The New State of the Art NFT exhibition and NFT conference, organized by Contemporary Istanbul as a new contemporary art exhibition focusing on art galleries in Türkiye.

Taking place with the organization undertaken by ContempoNeo between May 10th and May 15th, the exhibition features MoCDa (Museum of Contemporary Digital Art) as the curator of the exhibition and ha:ar, an artist duo, as creative directors.

Even schedule also includes Devrim Danya’s workshop titled XX on May 12th and a session on May 14th, during which Yasin Oral will give a speech titled “NFT today and what is ahead.”

On the other hand, exhibition will consist of two main components including exhibition of select digital artworks and collection pieces, bringing together the talented stars of NFT world such as Beeple, Martin Lucas Ostachowski & Oficinas TK, Pak, Mario Klingemann, Damien Hirst, Sofia Crespo, Larva Labs, BayC, and ha:ar.

CI Bloom, Digital Horizons: The New State of the Art NFT exhibition will host its visitors in Tersane, Istanbul from May 12th to May 15th.

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