“Paribu Hub will create a channel between Paribu and universities”

Yasin Oral attended the event called Zero to One, organized by Koç University Entrepreneurship Club. Having addressed the questions of students about entrepreneurship and  blockchain ecosystem during the event, Oral talked about Paribu’s story, projects, and future plans.

“Paribu Hub is an effort with a broad perspective”

Having addressed the questions about Paribu Hub and Paribu Ventures, which are among the key initiatives of Paribu, Oral explained that Paribu Hub had a roadmap with a broad perspective that extends over many years to come. Oral continued as follows: “Paribu Hub will provide support to career, blockchain, software, and economy clubs at universities. In addition to universities’ own activities, we will also organize various events to reach out to young people. This will create a channel between Paribu and universities.”

Having mentioned that Paribu Ventures prioritizes blockchain-based projects, Oral commented on the subject as follows: “Our goal is not only making an investment, but also creating a network to contribute to Paribu. In a sense, Paribu Ventures currently carries out activities similar to a non-profit organization.”

The reason why people are interested in cryptocurrencies is because they are decentralized

Having divided the interest in cryptocurrency ecosystem under two categories as interest in blockchain and interest in buying and selling  cryptocurrency , Yasin Oral argued the fact that carrying out transactions with cryptocurrencies was much easier compared to conventional investment methods motivated people to choose it over the latter. Having stated that most investors were still not aware of blockchain technology despite this fact, Oral pointed out that interest had grown partly because people who knew about blockchain realized how valuable a decentralized validation system would be in the future.

No matter what, regulations should provide benefit to the country

Having addressed the questions about regulations during the session, Yasin Oral stated that regulation was necessary when capital demand and desires of people began preying upon others. Oral continued expressing his opinions about regulatory efforts as follows:

“On Paribu, we act based on the instinct to protect the investor by an autoregulated system. Wherever this is not in place, people may suffer and exactly for that reason, regulation should step in. Regulation means setting up the rules allowing for providing investors with the right services. However, general public must first become familiar with the sector. No matter what, regulations should provide maximum benefit to the country to the greatest extent possible.


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