Paribu drilled a new water well in Africa to celebrate the World Water Day on March 22nd

Paribu drilled its 8th water well with the cooperation of the association, Sen de Gel, which carries out sustainability projects for the disadvantaged regions in the world.

Paribu embraces theSustainable Development Goalsof the United Nations and carries out activities especially focusing on “no poverty,” ”quality education” and “clean water and sanitationgoals.  In this regard, Paribu drew attention to the importance of water on the World Water Day on March 22nd and drilled a water well for the use of 400 people in the village, Jallow Kunda Ramatoulie in Gambia.

Paribu’s CEO, Yasin Oral shared his views about the water problem: “Access to clean water is one of the issues we care about. We take responsibility to solve this global problem, which has become persistent, primarily in Africa. Therefore, we continue our efforts to help more people reach clean water. With the new water well we drilled in Jallow Kunda Ramatoulie in Gambia, we have helped 3500 people from 8 regions in Africa to reach clean water so far. We will continue our efforts in this field.”

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