Paribu, announces acquisition of SHERPA

Paribu takes over SHERPA, one of Turkey’s most professional businesses in the development and design of user experience strategies for digital products and services.

Armed with the principle of “guiding and inspiring”, SHERPA, starting from its offices in Turkey and expanding its operations on a global scale, provides user experience design services for digital products and services. Working with Paribu since 2020, its founder Yakup Bayrak has a seat on the board of Paribu’s Advisory Board.

The partnership will be taken to the next level as of January 2022 with SHERPA continuing its operations under the Paribu brand.

“We care about user experience”

Yasin Oral and Yakup Bayrak joined Webrazzi CEO Arda Kutsal’s live broadcast on YouTube, where they made a first public announcement of the acquisition.

Speaking at the live broadcast, Yasin Oral emphasized how Paribu was aiming to achieve perfect customer experience with its future projects, pointing out that the partnership between Paribu and SHERPA was one of Paribu’s initial steps towards going global.

Arda Kutsal commented that the market was familiar with global collaborations and that this move was the single most important news of partnership that meant so much for the Turkish blockchain ecosystem.

Commenting on the development, Oral said, “Our performance in the Turkish market has brought us to a remarkable position on a global scale. We are pushing ahead with our efforts to take our success in the local market to a global level. On our globalization journey, our focus has always been on providing users with what is practical and reliable. And having SHERPA by our side will do so much more towards improving overall customer experience, taking things to a whole new level. Partnering with SHERPA, Turkey’s leading business in this field, we will be in a position to better analyze what our users want and how they want it, and at Paribu we will continue on our path of growth with no less vigor and enthusiasm.”

“Building the future together”

Emphasizing that SHERPA and Paribu came together bound by a common vision, Yakup Bayrak said, “We had already been providing Paribu with our range of services for the past 3 years, on an ever-increasing basis, and they made an offer to SHERPA to ‘build the future together’. And we told them we would be happy to continue on our path with Paribu, maintaining SHERPA’s core values, things that make us who we are. Four days into the process, things were already in full swing, working like a clock-work.”

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