Parallel Universe Exhibition by Ouchhh, sponsored by Paribu, open for visitors until September 15

Paribu, the cryptocurrency transaction platform with the highest trading volume in Turkey, adds yet another to its list of activities in the area of art & culture. DasDas, a center for art, culture and entertainment on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, introduces art lovers to the Parallel Universe Exhibition by Ouchhh Studio, a studio famous for its world-renowned works of art.

 Organized by Ouchhh Studio and curated by Zenger, the Parallel Universe Exhibition opens on June 11 at DasDas, with Paribu as the main sponsor.

With the support of Paribu, which provides fast, easy, and reliable cryptocurrency transaction services to its customers while continuing to contribute to arts & culture, this exhibition will bring art lovers together, with works by the award-winning Ouchhh Studio combining artificial intelligence with art.

One of the first activities held at DasDas, the exhibition will include artworks which have been exhibited at world-renowned museums, and artificial intelligence/data works which have been created exclusively for DasDas. Carried out under the cooperation of Ouchhh, Zenger, and DasDas, and with the main sponsorship of Paribu, the Parallel Universe exhibition consists of the “Van Gogh Artificial Intelligence Data Painting Experience”, “Poetic Artificial Intelligence”, “Göbeklitepe Architectural Data”, and “The Artworks by Osman Hamdi Bey”.

Free entry for reservations between June 11-12

 The artworks of one of the world’s most famous painters, Van Gogh, etched into memory thanks to their colors and shapes, will come to life at the “Van Gogh Artificial Intelligence Data Painting Experience” through DasDas artificial intelligence, and visitors can enjoy an unforgettable experience walking amongst the artworks of the master painter. The “Poetic Artificial Intelligence Exhibition”, on the other hand, will allow visitors to experience the poetic refraction of the consciousness, surrounding light, physics, space and time, created by scientists using machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Figures reflecting the religious beliefs of prehistoric people will be presented to visitors from a new point of view at “Göbeklitepe Data Exhibition”, which has been formed with the world’s oldest data and which will showcase the architecture of Göbeklitepe, giving visitors the opportunity to discover using artificial intelligence and an artistic sense. At “The Artworks of Osman Hamdi Bey” exhibition, the artworks of Osman Hamdi Bey, one of the most prominent painters of the Ottoman Empire, will be brought together with today’s technology.

Paribu users can avail of a 10% discount on the exhibition, which will take place on the DasDas stage at Ataşehir Metropol İstanbul. Between June 11-12, the exhibition will be open to all visitors free of charge, so long as a reservation is made.

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