Our cryptocurrency trading platform is the most user-friendly of all

Ekonomist features Paribu and its activities in its latest issue.

In an interview with Ekonomist, Yasin Oral said, “We are planning to offer Paribu Card for use as a result of our collaboration with Visa. With this card, users will be able to carry out their daily transactions”. Oral also added that Paribu was the most-user friendly cryptocurrency trading platform.

The magazine referred to the “Cryptocurrency Recognition and Perception Survey”, the most comprehensive cryptocurrency survey in Turkey, conducted by Akademetre on behalf of Paribu: “The survey indicates that there is still a lot to do in the ecosystem; however, user satisfaction has progressively increased. According to the survey, people who use cryptocurrency in their transactions in Turkey constitute a ratio of 0.7%. The research has demonstrated that the figures found in the previous surveys on cryptocurrency use in Turkey were far from reality”.

Reporting that 72.7% of those who carried out transactions using cryptocurrency were satisfied with the transaction experience according to the results of the “Cryptocurrency Recognition and Perception Survey”, Ekonomist added that “Facilitated transactions is one of the most significant factors in determining user satisfaction whereas profit is another”.

Ekonomist portrayed Yasin Oral, the CEO of Paribu as follows:

“Oral started developing websites in high school years, and since then he has undertaken various initiatives such as distance calculation, house removal and online printing house. As he started trading Bitcoin in 2015, Oral decided to establish Paribu.”

The article “Paribu opens up to the world” is available in the issue dated October 18th-October 31st.

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