NFT was discussed on 10 Soruda Kripto Para Dünyası (The World of Cryptocurrency Explained in 10 Questions) | What is NFT? Where is NFT used?

In the 7th episode of 10 Soruda Kripto Para Dünyası (The World of Cryptocurrency Explained in 10 Questions) prepared by Bloomberg HT and sponsored by Paribu, Gizem Uzuner Gençtürk has hosted Turan Sert, Advisory Board Member of Paribu.

In this week’s episode, NFT, which has been never off the agenda recently, was covered. In the program, various questions such as “What is NFT?”, “Where does it work?”, “Can it be considered as a revolution?” and “Who determines the price of the works sold?” were answered.

NFT is a certificate

Turan Sert defined NFT as an indicator showing the ownership of a product in the digital world. Stating that blockchain prevents copying, which is the disadvantage of digital, and its aim is making a product scarce, “NFT is a certificate indicating that the ownership of the product is single, and that it is saved on the blockchain,” Sert said.

When Gençtürk talked about adding the features of being uncopiable and verifiable to this definition, Sert elucidated the topic by giving an example. Sert stated that the terms of sale are determined in the framework of the rules set by the owner of the work turned into NFT via a digital contract and in line with the terms saved on the blockchain, everything proceeds automatically.

Areas of usage for NFT

In response to the question “Where can NFT be used?” posed by Gençtürk, Sert expressed: “The ownership of any kind of asset in the physical world on the blockchain can be realized with NFT.


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