Kripto Veteran has been hosted on Yarının Dünyası (The World of Tomorrow)

This week the team of “Kripto Veteran” has attended Yarının Dünyası (The World of Tomorrow) hosted by Yekta Kopan. İsmail Hakkı Polat, Cemil Şinasi Türün and Erkan Öz have discussed the effect of cryptocurrency on the world of tomorrow. 

During the conversation, which started with how Kripto Veteran launched and proceeds with the current status of the cryptocurrency industry, “Actually, the ecosystem which looked as if it was contradictory has started to get closer to the existent system step by step,” İsmail Hakkı Polat said. He mentioned that this brings a great activity to the financial markets, and it requires the government intervention.

Blockchain’s areas of influence

In response to the question posed by Yekta Kopan about how blockchain technology may affect various industries apart from the cryptocurrencies, Erkan Öz stated, “Blockchain technology is a revolution in data processing in the history of humanity. It is a greater revolution than the internet. Then why? Because when data is stored using blockchain technology, you can establish a communication with each other without any centralized authority needed to confirm or protect the data. These data can be viewed by everyone and it is a system suitable to be used in any industry.”

Touching upon decentralization, Polat expressed that the reason what makes it attractive is the search for justice. He mentioned that the concept of decentralization emerged to prevent the occurrence of the problems which are experienced in the areas with a single center. He correlated the fact it’s first being applied in the world of finance with the fact that the states do not show a fair approach in times of economic crises.

Cemil Şinasi Türün compared the trade relationships established based on a currency of a centralized authority and the same formed under a decentralized system. “Blockchain solutions urge the individuals who produce and sell independently within the trade life to produce and use decentralized exchange tools,” he continued. He conveyed his idea that similar to changes reflected in our lives along with the developments on the internet, the developments in blockchain can also affect our lives directly.

You can watch the whole episode of Kripto Veteran where the introduction phase, developments and possible consequences of the products entered into our lives via blockchain technology were discussed from the link below.

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