“FinTechs are transforming the stagnant structure of traditional systems”

The future of FinTechs was discussed in the TestFinTech panel organized by Turkish Testing Board (TTB) on December 18th, 2019.

As a spokesperson in the panel, Yasin Oral, the CEO of Paribu, said, “FinTechs are transforming the stagnant structure of traditional systems and banks. The current role of FinTechs is to reinforce and supplement such structures. Eventually, FinTechs will be able to directly build their own structures by redeeming themselves from being merely supplementary”.

Emphasizing the fact that many FinTech firms still need the infrastructures of the banks, Yasin Oral stated, “We encounter major problems in operations conducted on the infrastructures of some banks. Unfortunately, the majority of banks have become accustomed to living with the problems and they are unable to create radical solutions. Traditional systems require an update since such traditional systems built in the past fail to address the requirements of the new age”.

Touching on Paribu’s 2020 plans to provide many innovations and products to its clients, Oral added , “We will prioritize security in all of our projects”.

Stating that Turkey needed to establish its own blockchain network, Oral further expressed that Paribu would make efforts in this matter.

Besides Oral, many other participants attended the panel including Koray Yitmen, the Chairman of Turkish Testing Board; Selim Yazıcı, Co-Founder of FinTech Istanbul and the Faculty Member of Istanbul University; Yalçın Yenigün, Iyzico Software Director; Serkan Can, Intertech Software and Quality Management Leader; Tarık Tombul, the CEO of PayTR; and Berk Dülger, the Director of Keytorc Testing Services.

In the panel, it was explained that FinTech investments in Turkey reached around $12 million. The International Software Testing and Quality Board’s (ISTQB) software testing data for Turkey and the world were also presented and the requirement for infrastructure investments for the development of FinTech sector, which gained a fast-paced momentum in Turkey, was emphasized.

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